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HuffPost (formerly The Huffington Post and sometimes abbreviated HuffPo) is an American liberal news aggregator and blog, with localized and international editions. The site offers news, satire, blogs and original content, and covers politics, business, entertainment, environment, technology, popular media, lifestyle, culture, comedy, healthy living, women's interests and local news featuring columnists. It has been described as mostly liberal-leaning.

Primis angrily mentioned about an article posted: Reverse Racism Myths that Need to Stop, a very angry reader replies, , "Lies, made up words, false statistics, ignored statistics. Huffington Post is horrible. It's no surprise their rating is tanking. I don't want to be too descriptive of what they say because it's honestly rather racist. They claim racism can't be used by people who don't have power over others when racisms literal definition is just the believe your race is better than another or that another's race is inferior. They talk about how black people are disproportionately shot by police than white people and literally said "not looking at reasons why", as if none of them are justified. As if black cops just don't exist. They claim reverse racism isn't a thing, and they're right. But yes, by definition, black people, and any other race, can be racist towards white people. You just believe that your racial heritage makes you better by default and hey look, you're racist. That simple. This fake journalism designed to get attention because it speaks to what people wanna believe because drama sells, is outright repulsive. They drive a made up wedge between people and look only to make money off their posts, regardless of the effect media has on the public. Article in reference is Reverse Racism Myths that Need to Stop".


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Remote Comment Moderator (Former Employee) says

"The moderation team I worked with personally at Huffington Post was very kind and friendly and supportive, however I did not like how the Corporate company let most of us go with no warning due to budget cuts. During work I handled a variety of different comments reading and reviewing them to follow a certain TOS guideline. I learned management skills as I was slowly being trained in the aspects to be a lead moderator."

Former Employee - Editor says

"I worked at Huffington Post full-time for less than a year Cons: 1. Poor management. Employees in charge of guiding you tend to have a paltry sense of leadership, which can be fatal in media and the blame falls on newly-recruited individuals or 'weak links' in the workplace. 2. Bad sense of coordination between editors. 3. Vague guidelines. 4. Intense, long hours with pay that does not compensate on a fair level."

Former Employee - Software Engineer says

"I worked at Huffington Post full-time for more than a year Cons: The interim CTO and the Director of whatever their current title is are arrogant, egomaniacal, and incompetent leaders. Would never work with either of them again and would not recommend anyone to work there while they are still employed with the company in leadership positions. Unless you plan on not thinking for yourself and letting others take credit for your work and ideas then don't work on the Tech Team while they are still employed there."

Current Employee - Video Editor says

"I have been working at Huffington Post part-time for less than a year Cons: Constant random firings, open floor plan, 40% of the staff was drunk by 2pm most days. I heard they fired everyone and hired back at half the rate."

Former Employee - Editor says

"I worked at Huffington Post full-time for less than a year Cons: Management is awful and the amount of passive aggression from people in higher power is very difficult to navigate and gain any concrete lessons in, apart from learning that passive aggressive people can't be worked with efficiently. Work-life balance is off."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Huffington Post full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Somewhat Machiavellian newsroom politics, schizophrenic management style."

Blogger says

"I have been working at Huffington Post for more than 3 years Cons: Ariana gets all the scratch. That ain't right."


"I worked at Huffington Post for more than 3 years Cons: The fundamental problem with HuffPost is that it's a journalism outfit run by someone who has no experience as a journalist and no real appreciation for the work that goes into real journalism. The founder and leader cares about promoting her brand above all, and that's something that can best be accomplished through clicky aggregation and SEO gaming, not real reporting. Read the Gawker article: "Hell Is Working At HuffPost." Every word rings true."

Former Employee - Editor says

"I worked at Huffington Post full-time for more than 3 years Cons: Very little room for advancement. There are many young (inexperienced managers) who are very smart, but not very great managers. There are many arbitrary changes happening all the time and there is no work-life balance. You will work weekends if you don't live in NY and you will feel invisible if you don't live in NY. Felt like there was less and less structure as the years passed. Also, very poor pay."

Current Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I have been working at Huffington Post full-time for less than a year Cons: where do I start. It has over-all been a disappointment. The hiring process vs. the actual experience felt like a bait-and-switch. Without getting into the hairy details, suffice to say that more senior-level responsibilities were promised, but I soon realized it had only been lip-service to get me in the door. Overall, let's just say that HuffPo looks great from the outside, but inside it's not so bright."


"I have been working at Huffington Post Cons: Management is dysfunctional. Prepare to face a lot of criticism, usually over whichever arbitrary number they've decided is most important that month, and get very little praise. Pay is low. Expectations of output are focused on volume not quality. Senior managers are often young and inexperienced, and aren't properly trained how to do their jobs."

Bill says

"Just the worst, one sided article\'s I have ever read. What happened to real journalism? Story\'s we once reported based on event\'s and interviews, not propaganda...."

Ring says

"Huff Post is officially crap. Deleted app. Trash. As bad as Fox News. "

Tony says

"Attacking a dog rescue foundation for a political reason... boo"

David says

"They send out the worst drivel and lies. How do they even call themselves journalists. A bunch of mindless hacks who couldn’t get dates in college and have become so bitter towards the world"

anon amos says

"so one sided. Hypocrital. Total evil. WHen political opnents die, they show no respect. They cannot agree to disagree, they try to aniliate instead. THey need Jesus who said live by sword die by sword, Dont ccanel enimies, pray for them Dont hate, but debut. Huff post cannot debaate so it cancels instead. Huff Post should be renamed the Hate Post."

Peter clahr says

"I have never read an article where the Huffington Post praises anything conservative. It is the antithesis of “their view,” of Fox. Biden is self destructing and I’m curious how they are going to defend his policy on Israel, the rising inflation, open border, children being abused at the border, drugs flooding over the border…at 75, he’s the most destructive President I have ever experienced."

Taffy Terrier says

"I used to post regularly on HP with no problems. Then one day I read the comments beneath an article and replied to several posts. When I returned to the start of the comments and scrolled down to see if anyone had replied to me, none of my posts were visible. I tried again making just one reply and when I refreshed the page it had vanished. For some reason the HP moderators were not allowing me to respond to other peoples posts although I could still post my own comments. A week or two later I revisited a few older HP threads which I had contributed to several months earlier and discovered all my posting history had been deleted. I could see the old responses to my posts but the original posts they were responding to had disappeared; those likeminded people who had liked my posts and contributed to the various debates had also had their comments removed. I stand by everything I ever wrote on HP; all my posts were made in good faith; they must have been acceptable to HP at the time I made them as they remained intact for several months afterwards. I can only assume a clique of new woke, left wing extremist moderators have taken over HP and taken it upon themselves to retrospectively censor all my valid opinions because the hard truth (reality) offends their PC sensibilities."

bogdan c says

"Just plain Marxist propaganda. Nothing to add, their bias is too obvious to be taken seriously."

Laurent says

"Lying Jewish press"

Mercy Ayegba says


I recently came across your article about the American elections.

And I will like to say that I am disappointed and appalled.

As a news reporter you are suppose to report the news as it happens not give your own biased and corrupt view.

This is why my self friends and family will no longer be using any of your services.

You should show both sides of what is happening in America. The election fraud is the biggest scandal ever. And I have seen proof that it is real. Heck I watched it on the night of the elections. And saw how they switched the votes. Unless you are saying I am blind or stupid. I can no longer use you as a trusted source of information.

Encouraging the democrats to create a black list against the republicans and it’s supporters, it’s disgusting and reminds me of nazi Germany!

Also by suppressing people’s voices and treating all republicans as racist uneducated kkk is creating even more of a divide. Especially when there are black republicans who vote based on the policies and not based on the colour of the skin.

If America does have a civil war, it will be the corrupt mainstream media who keep surpressing peoples voices are to blame!"

jenah gross says

"I was looking for an amazingly, exciting, memorable Christmas gift for my 5 year old and their site was in the list of Great gifts. One of them was a mug that said ”nasty women unite” $22 100%of the proceeds will donated to planned parenthood in Donald Trumps name. This is evil and disgusting. I will never look at anything from Huff post again, nor will I recommend it. #unamerican #creatingdivisionnotunity"

A Kruyology says

"A collection of liars working for their corporate owners. Trusting the media is now not an option for humanity."

Michael J. Deckerson says

"Probably the most entitled, delusional writers on earth. The writers on this website are so indoctrinated into victim worship and other related idealogical nonsense that it's almost hard to believe these people are actually 1) freedom-loving americans and 2) adults.
Reading the Huffington post leaves you with a sinking feeling that millennials refuse to *think criticaly* about their arguments –and that these young liberals basically seem to crave orwellian-style authoritarianism. The question is, are they all so thoughtless and childish in their thinking that they don't even realize that's what they are asking for? I'm going with yes.
This is certainly not journalism, it's literally just endless, childish victim worshipping in nearly every article.
If that's your thing... have at it and good luck to you! Lol!"

credenhill says

"The so-called journalists as Huffpost are the saddest bunch of leftist hacks out there. Only slightly behind the CBC in their zealous bias against anyone who does not share their views.
I would not mind if they had a particular (left wing) view, if they were willing to debate with someone with an alternative view.
But, they are the worst censors of any media organisation.
I sincerely hope that I am not funding them somehow"

russ Thomas says

"Another piece of bull sh@t from The Huff sc@m.
Hotels being attacked by Far Right groups - what a load of garbage! This is so-called journalism at its Marxist worst!
No writing about all the illegals being put up in these 5* hotels free of charge......
Someone should sue this rag and close it down."

Christopher Neal Martín says

"The most sophomoric transparently leftist bunch of hacks on the internet. Truly pathetic that THIS is considered journalism."

Dave says

"Outright leftwing political propaganda. As far from news and investigative journalism as you can get."

russ Thomas says

"It’s a shame you cannot give minus stars to this shambolic, one-sides bunch of left wing extremists!
Sooner they are banned the better."

Roumen Spassov says

"Leftist propaganda."

Grace Weiner says

"Trumps death clock article ? Oh my goodness . The pandemic would never had occurred if it wasn’t for president Trump . Wow. Please start printing realistic articles. Oh if The reigning president was a democratic , we would all have been saved from the virus . These articles make the Democratic Party look soooo bad ."

russ Thomas says

"What a pile of dog sh@te this mob come up with. How much more crap can they make up.
Quicker your site is closed the better!"

Christopher Glanrid-Jones says

"Could someone tell me in layman terms how to opt out of cookies when viewing " Huffington Post""

Grace Weiner says

"Why are we swiping at Donald Trump and not Nancy Polosi . When the president banned all flights coming into the US . Nancy Pelosi called him xenophobic and ate in China Town . Mayor Deblasio said schools will never be closed ( while the virus rapidly spread in every public school ) governor coumo said everything was under control . Please STOP the selective news , it’s awful"

Max Bellinger says

"If I could give zero stars I would. Today they posted an article with the headline stating that trump retweeted a “fire Fauci” tweet(implying trump wanted to fire Fauci). Yet when I read the tweet I realized he retweeted it to attack the tweet calling it fake news... it is totally obvious he didn’t retweet it as a hint towards his wanting to fire Fauci... I just don’t understand how a news outlet could post something so misleading."

Grace Weiner says

"It’s this simple . If your a democrat you did the right thing . If your a republican , it was all wrong . Reading their latest article Andy Beshear ( Democrat ) of course he handled the corna virus in his state the right way . So tired 😓 of reading propaganda opinionated bias news . Recently just switched to New York 1 . They tell the story and that’s it !"

Crimson Heart says

"Sensationalist, anti-nationalistic, not a good source for news"

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